From groceries to fashion and beauty products to technology, shopping online has become a part of everyday life

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From groceries to fashion and beauty products to technology, shopping online has become a part of everyday life.

It’s a quick and convenient way to buy the things we need (and want), while allowing us to choose from a huge range of brands and stores, both big and small. 

So have you considered buying your next car online too? 

So easy in fact, that May, a junior doctor, has already bought two cars from Cazoo.

Here’s why she’s such a fan and why buying a car online works for her… 

‚You just choose which car you’d like, click ‘buy’ and pay what you see!’

May bought a Toyota Aygo (which she named Bob) from Cazoo in 2020. She was so happy with the online buying process that just over a year later she went back to Cazoo to buy a second car for her and her partner. 

This time she went electric!

‚In 2020 I needed a car to commute from East London to Basildon Hospital, but didn’t have much money to spend, so I started looking around for a used one. 

‚I was looking for a small car because it would be easy to park and cheap to run. I had a look at various websites but I was worried, as I know next to nothing about cars. 

‚My friend told me that his friend had bought a car from this company that delivered it straight to his door – and it was Cazoo!

‚When I looked at

‚I felt reassured by their pre-sale vehicle service checks. It was also great that they offered a £250 discount to NHS workers! All the car details and information were listed clearly and the cars are exactly as they are described online.

‚Any small scratches are highlighted clearly with photographs on the car’s description page. It was a stress-free experience, and much more preferable to visiting a used car dealership.

‚Everyone I came into contact with was so nice and the was very exciting and friendly. I had such a good experience with Bob, the Toyota Aygo!I loved the simplicity of it.

‚Buying online with Cazoo was just as easy the second time. You just choose which car you’d like, click ‘buy’ and then you pay what you see. Then it’s delivered straight to your door, it’s just so easy. 

I had such a good experience.I loved the simplicity of it.

‚Knowing that I could return the car for free in the first week if it didn’t suit me and get a full refund, made me feel like I could trust the company. 

‚I had a lot of time to drive the car and make sure it was absolutely right for me and if there was something I was confused about I could ask the Customer Support Team about it, or send it back. 

‚My partner and I chose an electric car this time, the Nissan Leaf.It’s one of the most affordable electric cars around. It’s the future of driving. 

‚Our main reason for choosing an was because of the current climate change issues.I like how relaxed, calm and quiet they are, too but driving with zero emissions – that’s the part I really like. 

‚When the car arrived it was a really nice handover.The Handover Specialist was really friendly.  

‚My favourite thing about buying a car online with Cazoo is the convenience, ease and the great customer service!’ 

Why buying your next car online could work for you! 

There’s so much choice

Why would you limit your choice of car to the few options that happen to be available near where you live, when you could browse a huge range online instead?

By going online you’ll give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect car for you, and your budget.

Buying a car online means you can browse thousands of cars from the comfort of your sofa

It’s so convenient

In fact, buying a used car online couldn’t be more convenient.

Rather than trekking around used car lots, spend a relaxed evening browsing on your laptop or smartphone, all from the comfort of your sofa.

And with high-quality pictures and 360-degree photography at Cazoo, you can take a close look from every angle, just like you would in real life.So there really is no need to leave the house!  

There’s no pressure

When you buy a car online you can take all the time you need, daftar situs judi slot jackpot terbesar so you’re sure to make the right decision.

You can get all the information without any pressure or expectation to actually buy.Plus, there’s no awkward haggling and nobody will be trying to convince you to pay for extras you don’t want. 

Payment is easy

You’d assume that organising finance online for a used car would be time-consuming and complicated.But there’s no back and forth with paperwork or endless negotiations on the phone. 

Just fill in a simple form and you’ll get an instant response. 

Delivery is even easier

When you buy a used car from Cazoo you’re given the option to have it delivered straight to your doorstep by a Handover Specialist

Found your perfect car online?All that’s left to do is choose a delivery time.

When you buy a used car from Cazoo you’re given the option to have it delivered straight to your doorstep within a few days, for a £75 fee.

So simply let them know the day and time that works best for you and your schedule, and a Handover Specialist will do the rest.They’ll even give you a thorough tour of the car, explaining all its features before they leave.

Returns are easy too! 

If there’s one thing that’s tricky about online shopping, it’s sending things back when they don’t fit.

But with Cazoo, returns are not only possible, they’re a breeze.In fact, you’ll have up to 7 days to make sure your new car fits like a glove and that it suits your lifestyle. 

If it doesn’t, just hand it back and start again! 

Click HERE to find out more about buying a car with Cazoo. 

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