Australian Solar Revolution – Marching For Record Numbers in 2019

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Not everyone would believe, but Australia did came under fire from the international communities just a few years ago. The complaint – Australia wasn’t „utilizing” its solar capabilities to the fullest. However, Australia showed the world that it has the grit and determination to do the best for the world via implementing pro-environment policies within a solid framework. For this, the country and its people deserve all adulation from everyone.

So, how did it take off the speed and hit the ground running? Renewable energy commercialisation in Australia has triggered the robust popularity of clean energy. The impetus is on feed-in tariffs and renewable energy targets initiated by the government of Australia. This thrust worked in the favour of Australian households to rapid increase of solar energy capacity in the country. Reportedly, Australia has set up over 2 million solar photovoltaic installations by June 2019, which, in fact, is a spectacular figure.

The involvement of communities in encouraging people to participate in the revolution has helped the industry witness a huge growth in this sector. Solar programs in different territories and areas have cultivated into full-fledged projects. The country upgraded its global situation with large solar projects backed by the solid implementation of policies. Such is the dedication of the country and its people that it has planned an ambitious project of Renewable Energy Master Plan 2030, which will attempt the city to run on renewable energy by 2030. If this isn’t a revolution, then what is?

For years, people had always this lingering doubt in their minds – are solar solutions affordable? Since the last decade or more, the rebates offered on solar installations have set a spree among people to opt for solar energy. Though one can’t deny the fact that several companies are acting to offer „cheap” solar solutions, the rest have shown crucial improvement over a few years or so. Now, people are educated about solar programs and policies for their benefits.

The increase in Australian households to have fitted solar installations is significant. Similarly, businesses have opted for commercial solar solutions – a boost of 46% as compared to the quantity in the same period of the previous year. This heartening improvement shows the revolutionary progress of Down Under through the country’s rooftops. The state’s incentive scheme has also helped an incredible 90% surge of solar installations in Victoria.

With the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranking Australia at 45 for its energy performance and ability to embrace sustainable energy, the country is set on a path to improve its positive over the upcoming years. For this to happen, both Australian households and businesses need to buckle up and boost their solar capacities for the smooth energy transition. People will also be able to reap monetary benefits because it is estimated that they will save around $600 million on their power bills.

In a time when all households in the world do not have access to electricity, Australia has become a shining example as a renewable energy creator in the world.

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